Monday, March 17, 2008

Launch of Hotlink Games & Anime For Mobile Gamers

Hotlink has again launched its Hotlink Games and Anime Festival 2008, the most exciting mobile dowmload games among Malaysian gamers, consecutively for second year. Three of largest mobile games providers in the world namely, Gameloft, EA and GLU will team up with Hotlink to provide Hotlink customers the latest, premium titles from both PC and consoles games, and movies on their mobile phones.
Currently, over 2500 titles are available on the Hotlink Games Unlimited Portal and these include top titles such as 'The need for Speed', 'Assassin's Creed', 'Brothers in Arms', 'Heroes', 'Spideman', 'Shrek' and 'Harry Potter'. On the other hand, Hotlink has expanded its most popular Hotlink Warriors series, which was first locally produced Superhero mobile games series, coincidently was also a hit with customers, achieving 15000 downloads in 2007.
Originally Hotlink Warriors has 5 street fighter-style characters, but this year, due to strong demand from its customers, Hotlink has introduced 4 new characters of Hotlink Warriors. Hotlink has also unveiled 3 new games this year, namely, 'Arena of Doom 2', 'Rising Chaos' and 'The Legend' and the company is eager to take its value proposition further by broadening out its content with premium titles. Download for premium game is charged at RM8 and download for basic game is charged at RM5.
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